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Meet BJ

Bradley [BJ] would like to welcome everyone to his own web page.
Here he would like to show case his own little animal farm!

BJ is currently 9 and starts Grade 4 in 2013.

Since a very early age, he has taken a keen interest in all the animals here at Mollabru and currently considers himself, our puppy socialisation expert and takes every opportunity to get some "puppy play" and/or "nursery time".

BJ has his own cat - Leggo and a collection of fish which he takes great pride in.

After turning 7, BJ is became old enough to enter the show ring with a "real" dog.

 His dream of owning his own beagle was realised in August 2012 thanks to Le & Helen Gibson (NSW) who sent BJ his best friend - Lightning (Langrigg Lightning McQueen).
"Lightning" - the Beagle

"Leggo" - The Ragdoll Cat


The Fish Tank