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Mollabru Hellova Hottie


Paris is an outgoing little girl with no apparent fear - she is constantly searching for a little mischief to get into!
She is more commonly known at home as the "ADHD Child" as she just can't seem to sit still.

Paris started her Show career in 2009 with only a few shows in Baby Puppy Class.
Being a bit of a blonde bombshell - Paris could not get the hang of walking in a straight line but didn't matter cause the tail wagging a million miles an hour proved that she was having the time of her life!

Paris enjoys her days at home talking to whomever will listen.

She is a integral part of our future here at Mollabru Kennel.s

6-7 months

Pedigree of Mollabru Hellova Hottie

    Lynelba Kiss Me Peacefully (UK)
  FNL Ch Leewards Trick Or Treat (Fin)  
     FNL Ch Leeward's Shear Ectasy (Fin)
Aust Ch Ladykiller's Lockup Yr Girls (Imp Fin)    
    Est Ch FNL Ch Int Ch Leeward's Gone With The Win (Fin)
   Ladykiller's Mad About Boys (Fin)  
    FNL Ch Int Ch Swd Ch Nwy Ch Ladykiller's Fool for Love (Fin)
    Jap Ch Int Ch FCI Ch Frau Schloss White Topmost (Imp Jpn)
  Aust Ch Tejada Made U Look  
    Tejada EatYour HeartOut
Aust Ch Tejada Look At Your Heart  
   Aust Ch Am Ch Deja Vu Diamond Fairchild (USA)
   Aust Ch Tejada Trust Your Heart  
    Tejada Sincerely Yours

  11 Weeks of Age